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Strengthening Bonds

A Group for Adoptive Families

co-faciliated with Christine Springer, LPC, MA-MFT

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We are so excited that you’re interested in this journey. This is a group for adopted kids and adoptive parents. The kids and parents will meet separately to explore their own stories of adoption. 

Kid’s Group: Kids (grades 1-5) will explore their adoptive identities together through guided activities and games. The purpose of this group is to help children strengthen their identities and connect with peers. Group sessions can help children feel that their thoughts and feelings about adoption may be shared with others and that it’s ok to talk about them. Exploring and talking about their history together can help them understand their history in a new light, ask questions and receive peer-support.

The main project the group will complete is a LifeBook. A LifeBook helps to structure a narrative about adoption. LifeBooks typically explore the child’s birth history (what is known and unknown), significant memories and major life events (like adoption day).  

Along the way we’ll play games and have fun!

Facilitated by Kathleen Salmon, LCSW, RPT. Kathleen specializes in working with kids and teens. She holds a certificate in therapy with adoptive and foster families.

Parent’s Group: The parents will have the opportunity to connect with other adoptive parents, discuss topics relevant to their children and ask questions of the facilitator. Topics will be based on the current needs of the parent group (e.g., how to support an adopted child, family dynamics, challenging behaviors) as well as mirror what the children are reviewing. As important as it is for kids to explore their adoptive-identity, it’s important for parents to explore their relationship to identity as well. We will aim to create community and connection with each other during our time together.  

All adoptive parents are welcome, however, we strongly encourage at least one parent to attend.


Facilitated by Christine Springer, MA-MFT, LPC. Christine is an adoptee and specializes in issues of grief and loss, adoption, trauma and relationship issues.  


Location: Boulder, CO

Cost: $475/family

If you are interested in joining the next session, please contact either Kathleen Salmon at (720) 903-2870 or use the contact form below OR call Christine Springer at (303) 956-0900.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

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